Be honu

Be honu


Discover the people who represent the spirit of Honu.

Those amazing peoples share the same interests : Enjoying life, spending time by the ocean, being outside most of the time.

They prefer to follow the tide and see what will come next instead of planning everything.



Moroccan and a salty soul, he let so many things behind just to be close to the ocean and live every day by the coast. After finishing his studies in management and filmmaking production. He took the decision to spend more time doing what he loves more, surfing.



“If you can, you must”

Passionate ocean lover who tries to spend most of her time close to the ocean. After finishing her business school, she worked in Morocco and travelled around. She has seen how the ocean can be easily affected by our behavior. Launching her own clothing line has always been a dream. But combining it with the ocean protection, her playground, is now meaningful and worth fully diving into the project.



“Go with the flow”

Coming from French Britanny, she has always felt connected with the ocean. After working 4 years in Paris, she decided to slow down, change her life and stay closer to the nature.
Life enthusiastic, be part of the Honu Family was completely in line with her way of thinking. Nice project, with nice people can only become a nice adventure !

Be part of the movement #behonu

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