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About Us

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Honu is also a community of persons who share the same interests. Enjoying life, spending time by the ocean, being outside most of the time. Connect with the community on social media.

Welcome in Honu's world

Created in 2018, Honu means turtle in Hawaiian and also in Polynesian language. It is often the symbol of good luck, longevity and the earth by its easygoing nature. Our clothing line is made by an ocean lover for other ocean lovers. To follow the meaning of our brand name, we can be defined as an easygoing brand following the tide. Our clothes are created to be comfortable in any occasions and to be respectful of our environment.

Our values

To go deeper in the definition of our brand, we can describe our values as :
Being respectful of our planet (finding other alternative to be plastic free), for ocean lovers who share the same interest for the ocean as a playground (every day, it’s ocean day, one product bought, we give back 1€ per product to an association), as an easygoing brand (our clothes are comfortable and easy to wear in any occasion)

Who's behind Honu ?

Justine, the founder, is a passionate ocean lover who tries to spend most of her time close to the ocean. After finishing her business school, she worked in Morocco and travelled around. She has seen how the ocean can be easily affected by our behavior. Launching her own clothing line has always been a dream. But combining it with the ocean protection, her playground, is now meaningful and worth fully diving into the project.

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